To Begin With

Lakewood Film, Art and Book Festival is an event that started with the Asian Film Festival and the ArtsFest as separate events. The two were then held as individual events conducted in shared space and dates. A third event, the AUTHORS element, has been added in the 2018 combined event, now called the Lakewood Film, Arts and Book Festival. All three events of the festival are citizen initiated and volunteer staffed.

The Film Festival has now grown beyond its Asian origin to present films of world-wide flavor. The ArtsFest events could not exist without a small army of volunteers that come together each year. They spend hours setting up each of the events then stay throughout each day to see that all runs smoothly. When it's over the volunteers break down the festival and pack it for storage. The snack bar service is also a critical task of volunteers.

Throughout its history the Festival has relied on a small cadre of volunteers that meets to analyze the numerous aspects of past events and plans for upcoming events which will be always bigger, always better. As it grows in size and its presentations its audience grows as well. It is the only known festival in which the audience can return for all three days and all three presentations and never reach for their wallets. However, donations at the snack bar to help cover some costs are certainly appreciated. Other fundraising efforts are covered in the Volunteer/Funding page.

photo - volunteers begin setup photo - Art entries arrive the art gallery is assembled a web of cablesa for the film presentations

(Rules and guidelines for the art/photography competitions are available under Application)

Art submissions: Shirley Petersen - - 253.582.8883
Photographic/Digital submissions: Ed Kane -