Volunteering at the Festival

The annual Lakewood Film, Art and Book Festival (FAB) is an entirely volunteer managed and produced event.

This three-day event is a FABulous celebration of FILM, ART AND BOOKS at the McGavick Conference Center on the campus of Clover Park Technical College. The event showcases 3 days of national and international films, several dozen local and regional visiting authors and an enormous variety of two-dimensional art … including fine arts, photography and digital art, all submitted in competition for some of the best cash awards available in the State of Washington. The entire event is free to the public.

A handful of community leaders and representatives have banded together to develop this event for Lakewood—but it takes friends like you to make it happen. This is a call for volunteers!

There are openings right now for half-day shifts—help set up this FABulous event or close it out with style. All hands on deck!  So sign up now to be part of this celebration of the arts! No volunteer is bound to a commitment beyond their own desires. And every volunteer is respected, appreciated and employed according to his or her particular skills and/or desires. Volunteers can terminate their association with FAB at any time.

For more information or to schedule your volunteer shift email us at lakewoodfestival@gmail.com or call 253-232-7178.

It’s events like the Lakewood Film, Art and Book Festival that makes the City of Lakewood great!
The festival committee is counting on people who support the arts—if that sounds like you, contact us any time!

volunteers setting up the art gallery volunteers Managing the snack stand
Volunteers are critical to the existence and success of the Lakewood Film, Art and Book Festival

Funding the Festival

Note: You do not need to have an account with PayPal. PayPal accepts most major credit cards.

While the activities provided during the three-day Lakewood Film, Art and Book Festival are entirely free (unless you make optional purchases from authors or artists) it still takes funding to rent films, build the art exhibit, rent the venue and mange a myriad number of other operational expenses. Donations are accepted and appreciated at the snack counter and are helpful for covering those costs.

Major funding can only be raised through grants and individual and organizational donations - and long before the event can be launched. Regional community and business organizations will be heavily relied on to support and grow this fabulous celebration of local arts. Our festival chair persons are busy contacting these organizations to explain the benefits an event of this complexity and size bring to our community. The more the event grows the more likely it will attract out of town and even out of state visitors. They matter because they are likely to patronize our hotels, restaurants and retail businesses. Recognition of our event spreads when out-of-towners head home and discuss their experiences with friends, family and business acquaintences.