Page Title: Competition Rules

sub-title:submission schedule

Entry Deadline
October 1, 2021

Notification of acceptance—no later than October 7

Art Delivery
Friday,9:30 AM to 11 AM
McGavick Conference Center, 4500 Steilacoom Blvd SW, Lakewood, WA

Call Shirley Petersen @ 253-582-8883 if this time frame is a problem.

Awards Presentation
Sunday, 5:00 PM

Pick Up Entries
Sunday, 6:00 PM
to 8 P.M.

sub-title:call to artists

Professional and amateur artists residing in the South Sound area who work in two and three dimensional media are invited to participate in the annual Lakewood FAB Festival's ArtsFest at the McGavick Conference Center, 4500 Steilacoom Blvd. SW, Lakewood, WA 98499. Submitting a completed, signed entry form constitutes permission to use the submitted art/photography in Lakewood FAB Festival promotions and publicity.


PHOTOGRAPHY/DIGITAL ART- Digital/pixel-based art prints and traditional photographs

FINE ARTS: Oil or acrylic - on canvas or board, water media - watercolor or acrylic on paper, pastel, mixed media, others to include drawing (graphite, colored pencil, etc.) original prints (woodcuts, monoprints, lithograph etching)

Three Dimensional Art - Will be accepted for exhibition but, due to historically low numbers of submissions, this category will not be judged for awards. We hope to eventually grow this category and present awards.

IMPORTANT NOTE - Category Cancellation: Any judged category must receive a minimum of 9 entries from at least three individuals to trigger release of prize money. Any category receiving fewer than the minimum number of entries will cancel the entire category. Entry fees in any cancelled category will be refunded. Artists may elect to show their work as a non-judged category.

sub-title: rules

Artists must be 18 years of age or older.
Entry fee is $20.00 1st entry, $15.00 2nd entry, $10.00 3rd entry - nonrefundable. $5.00 per entry in the Miniature Art category. A check covering all submitted art must accompany the entry form and be received by the posted deadline. Checks should be made payable to Arts Festival Association.
Entries must be entirely original works of art done by the entrant within the last five years. Artwork created under the supervision of an instructor is not eligible.
Art work size limitation for 2D work will be no smaller than 8"x10" framed and not exceed 36" in any one dimension including frame and weighing under 30 lbs. In the Miniature Art category art works must be framed and not to exceed 36" sq. in. including frame. 3D work not to exceed 48x48x48" and weigh no more than 50 pounds. Computer art and inkjet prints accepted only for Photography or Computer Art categories.
All 2-dimensional works must be framed. Wall-mounting hardware is not required as works will not be wall–mounted. Mats must be clean. Gallery wrapped art is acceptable.
Three dimensional art must have its own pedestal. Enclose small works in a clear plastic case.
All artwork must be hand delivered and picked up on schedule. No shipped items will be accepted. There will be no substitutions or withdrawals once the entry is accepted except as noted under MEDIA CATEGORIES, where cancelation of a category is deemed necessary.
A quality JPG image must be submitted via email to at time of entry. Include information identifying the artist and the art. Optionally you may send a CD with your entry packet.
Your packet must include: entry form with contact info, art work info, signed liability form, a jpg image and check to cover all entries. Please mail to:
Shirley Petersen,
7408 71st Ave. Ct. SW,
Lakewood WA, 98498.
Please include an email address for notification of acceptance. You may submit a telephone number that accepts text messages only if you do not have email. Entry fee must be in check form only.
All information given on the original entry as to title, size and price will be accepted as final. No changes may be made once accepted into the show.
Any sales of your art must be negotiated directly between the artist and buyer, so please be sure that your preferred contact information is on the entry.
We reserve the right to reject upon arrival any artwork deemed unacceptable. Artwork must match the digital image or it will not be accepted.
You will be notified if your entry is accepted. Regardless of the judge's decision, entry fees will not be returned unless the entire category is cancelled.
Please direct questions regarding the various categories as follows:
Fine Art - Shirley Petersen, 253-582-8883,;

sub-title: awards

Cash awards in any categories will depend on the number of entries received. The greater the participation, the greater the awards. $2,000.00 minimum total prize money will be awarded in first, second and third prizes in both art and photo/digital categories plus the overall People's Choice award. The winners will also be eligible for selection to display their art at the Lakewood City Hall at the Art Commission's discretion.