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Lakewood Film, Art and Book Festival is an event that started with the Asian Film Festival operated as an independent event. An arts exhibit followed as a separate event. The two were held as individual events conducted in a shared space and date. A third event, the BookFest element, was added for the 2018 combined event, now branded the Lakewood Film, Arts and Book Festival (FAB). All three events of the festival are citizen initiated and volunteer staffed.

The Film Festival has now grown beyond its Asian Films origin to a venue showcasing commercial films of national and international flavor. Always with an eye on expanding the variety of art, entertainment and literature for Lakewood and surrounding populations, the 2021 event is opening up to local film production following annual themes in a competitive environment. That program is being provided by the Lakewood Arts Commission. Commercial films are shown several times each day of the three-day festival. As the opening day of the festival approaches the entire three-day schedule will be posted on our"Films page and in the FAB newsletter, FAB Quarterly. The ArtsFest events could not exist without a small army of volunteers that come together each year. They spend hours setting up each of the events then stay throughout each day to see that all runs smoothly. A snack bar service is also provided for visitors, as has been the case since the beginning, and is a critical task managed entirely by volunteers.When it's over the volunteers break down the festival and pack it for storage.

sub-title: Donations

Your donation will help us to advertise and make each year’s event a bigger, better and continually improving cultural event for our community.
Please mail your donation to:
Lakewood Arts Festival Association
POB 39320
Lakewood, WA 98496

Or: Donate via Paypal with virtually any credit card.
Note: You do not need to have a PayPal account to use PayPal!
Thank you in advance for your generous donation



sub-title: Community support

We are planning this year's Film Art & Books event and we need your support. The event will showcase award-winning films, original fine art displays, visiting authors, musical performances and interesting exhibits. As always, the entire three-day FAB festival is free to all who wish to attend! Don't miss this FABulous free event. Because the events are free you can return to enjoy films and exhibits you may have missed on your previous visit.

In order to produce the FAB festival there are numerous and considerable expenses that need to be met and a variety of positions that must be filled and managed by volunteers. Please learn about FAB on this and other pages and consider donating or/and volunteering. This is a great group of citizens that produce all the included events in a friendly, enjoyable environment. Your contributions and services are truly needed and will be greatly appreciated.

Incorporated as a nonprofit in July 2013,
The mission of Lakewood Art Festival Association is to:

sub-title: Contacts

FilmFest, ArtsFest and BookFest are the three activities of FAB. General information not found on any of our social media platforms may be provided by emailing the General FAB Email listed below. Questions not addressed about the fine arts and photography competitions and exhibit can be submitted through the Arts Submissions email below. Photography questions can be directed to the Photography/Digital email address, also below. However, we have attempted to spell out every detail in the many pages here and in Facebook updates to avoid dedicating too much time responding to emails.

Information updates will be posted on the following social media outlets:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Lakewood-FAB-Festival-555685004917346
Website: www.lakewoodfestival.org

General FAB Email: lakewoodfestival@gmail.com
FilmFest: Phil Raschke - praschke@comcast.net - 253-861-1366

ArtsFest: Shirley Petersen - spetersen2011@comcast.net - 253.582.8883