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Artsfest is that part of the Lakewood Film, Arts and Book Festival that focuses on the fine arts of painting or creating art in nearly any medium, and the creation of fine art photography, including digital with modifications of virtually any degree.

Like all other aspects of the festival, Artsfest's mission is to discover local fine arts producers who would like an opportunity to exhibit their creations in a public forum. Most may not be interested in making their art a business, but an occasional sale is just the boost they may need to continue working in the discipline of their choosing, just for the joy of creating their visions. It turns out there are many spare-room and garage artists in most towns building ever-growing collections of their art. Artsfest is an opportunity for them to be introduced to other artists and compete in hopes of earning recognition and a significant cash award.

award-winng photo award winning artists having their photo taken contestents and volunteers on awards day
A winning Photgraphic entry and photos of some of the volunteers and artists that submitted their art to the ArtsFest competition.


(Rules and guidelines for the art/photography competitions are available under Competition Rules)

Art submissions: Shirley Petersen - - 253.582.8883
Photographic/Digital submissions: Ed Kane -