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Artsfest is that part of the Lakewood Film, Arts and Book Festival that focuses on the fine arts of painting or creating art in nearly any medium, and the creation of fine art photography, including digital with modifications of virtually any degree.

Like all other aspects of the festival, Artsfest's mission is to discover local fine arts producers who would like an opportunity to exhibit their creations in a public forum. Most may not be interested in making their art a business, but an occasional sale is just the boost they may need to continue working in the discipline of their choosing, just for the joy of creating their visions. It turns out there are many spare-room and garage artists in most towns building ever-growing collections of their art. Artsfest is an opportunity for them to be introduced to other artists and compete in hopes of earning recognition and a significant cash award.

Art submissions: Shirley Petersen - - 253.582.8883
Photographic/Digital submissions: Ed Kane -

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2018 Lakewood Film, Arts and Book Festival Wrap-up

A powerful creative combo of film, arts and books that made up the expanded festival in 2018 has proven to be a winning event with nothing but more success and growth in the promised for future programs.
The inclusion in 2018 of a venue for authors more than doubled the attendance of regional creative producers over previous years. TheAn authors event made its debut in the 2018 FAB event precursor for the author addition was the successful sales by a lone author in previous years at what was then called the Asian Film Festival. From that one table the formal book event has been launched with 41 authors selling their latest creations and numerous organizations supporting the written word.
Harmonicist Lee OskarArtsFest had a very special exhibitor displaying his large acrylic paintings, many of which focused on birch trees as the main design element. Lee Oskar, the world-renowned harmonica virtuoso also happens to be an accomplished artist. A harmonica produced by Oskar’s company and signed by Bruce Willis was raffled off, raising $1,200 that Oskar donated to the FAB Festival. His powerful harmonica performance stunned many who couldn’t believe that a harmonica could be made to reach such instrumental musical heights.
The ArtsFest itself attracted artists who entered over 60 paintings and photographs. Within that group a total of $1,800 was awarded to first and second place entries and a people’s choice selection. (see accompanying article)
The awards ceremony was catered by Carr’s Restaurant of Lakewood with an attractive array of tastyAward ceremony was catered by Carr's Restaurant finger foods.
Plans are already underway for an even better FAB Festival in September, 2019. As was true in 2018, ideas and suggestions trickled in from members of the committee throughout the year. But it’s usually not until the festival is only several weeks away that mild frenetics set in.

Anne Doane, Trinda Love and Hoyt Crace were recognized for their artistic talents in the largest Artsfest yet in Lakewood. The three-day Late for a Date, a painting by Anne Doaneevent, held in conjunction with the overall 2018 Lakewood Film, Arts, and Book Festival, enjoyed their new venue, the McGavick Conference center on the grounds of Clover Park Technical College.
Anne Doane earned first place in fine arts with her painting titled "Late for a Date." The entry was perhaps the most striking, colorful submission both as a subject and as a well balanced technique. It came as no surprise that it was one of the pieces attracting a buyer.
A style of a totally different flavor is that of artist Hoyt Crace. His spectacular ink works are so packed with innumerable, infinitely details it could be studied over a life-time without running out of discoveries. Another very interesting aspect of Crace's art works is that, while other artists spend exhausting amounts of time, money and research into the pen drawing "Pirate" by Hoyte Cracetools and materials of their medium, Crace's very large and intricate pieces are created entirely with common pens sold in all department and office supply stores.
The first place winning photographic image was "River Bend," a moody monotone capture of the bend of a river made more moody by the surroundiong trees and brush stripped bare by the late season. The scene appears softly backlit by an overcast sky, adding to the effect.

Here We Go Again

The awards been not even been handed out when members of the committee began planning began for the 2019 Lakewood Film, Arts and Book Festival. It goes without saying that, other than a few tense moments while planning and setting up the 2018 event, everyone had rewarding experiences during the entire process, and for the most part, are looking forward to working on 2019. Some aspects are going to be unchanged. Using the McGavick Conference Center on the campus of Clover Park Technical College was, though more costly than other venues, the right decision organized by committee chair for the Film Festival portion of the FAB, Phil Raschke. Bob Lawrence, chair of the ArtsFest dimension of FAB, has already has gone to work securing funding for 2019.
The event went off without serious problems arising and, because it looked so smooth and effortless, it is hard to remember how much the event depends on volunteers. There are no paid positions in FAB so each and every task must be matched one or more volunteers. So the chairs have enthusiastically expressed their gratitude for the work done by dozens of local residents giving of there time and expertise to insure the event goes smoothly. One theme that has been in the back of everyone's mind throughout the planning and execution of the event was to be sure every aspect of the celebration, for the volunteers, the participating artists and the visiting public, be absolutely stress-free and enjoyable. Every indication is that all goals have been met and will result in even better experiences for all in 2019. Again, the event will be at the McGavick Center and will occur in September. Mark your calendars and pass the word on to all your creative friends and anyone that may be interested in volunteering. Watch this website for announcements and future articles about various aspects of this event. An article on volunteers and interviews with noted artists are contemplated.