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16th June 2023

Alex Sheeran

Alpinestars Tech Air 3 Product Review

Alpinestars' latest offering to the airbag world is the Alpinestars Tech-Air 3 Airbag system. Yes, it is new, but is it any good? Touted as a road-specific Airbag -the lightest ever that Alpinestars has released- is it as good as its predecessor, the Tech-Air 5 Airbag system? Let's take a look!

Tech-Air 3 testing in action
Tech-Air 3 testing in action


Alpinestars' crash detection triggering algorithm activates the airbag in milliseconds in dangerous situations such as a low-side or high-side crash. The Tech-Air 3 system detects the start of a collision and can accurately assess when to deploy the airbag, thanks to over 2 million kilometres of riding data. It features six integrated sensors (three accelerometers - one is a triaxial one and three gyroscopes - one triaxial gyroscope). Once inflated, the Tech-Air 3 airbag gives upper body protection by covering the wearer's entire chest and full back. A pocket on the back can also house an additional (passive) back protector for extra protection. A diagonal zip across the chest gives complete front chest coverage while also concealing the inner airbag - the magnetic zip closure is effortless to use yet ultra-secure. The ECU has been tested and CE Certified according to different regulations for electronic, radio devices and electrical safety. The gas inflator cartridge is CE certified to UNI EN 16263, confirming compliance with the safety standard and certifying that the cartridges can be safely handled and serviced. Reflective detailing maximises visibility, plus a fluorescent hi-vi yellow version is an excellent addition for those planning to wear this over their jacket. Be safe, be seen!

The inner airbag system
The inner airbag system


Available in a choice of colours and a ladies' Stella version - but only in one colour choice - the Tech-Air 3 offers more versatility. As it has been designed to be used under or over your motorcycle jacket, this features a sleek look which is also ultra-functional. The slightly angled zip looks great, as does the LED display unit, but it also offers functionality for a safer ride. Alpinestars have done a great job of styling the Tech-Air 3 airbag system as something that doesn't look out of place being worn over a regular motorcycle jacket. Plus, it is compatible with Alpinestars Tech-Air consistent clothing - ultra-versatile!

Alpinestars Tech-Air 3 colourways
Alpinestars Tech-Air 3 colourways


Alpinestars' lightest autonomous Airbag System yet, the Alpinestars Tech-Air 3 System, is ultra-versatile and easy to wear. The vest itself is washable for convenience and comfort, plus the lightweight vest itself is made from comfortable Ripstop fabric with excellent freedom of movement thanks to well-thought-out pleat folds by the Alpinestars team. The angled zip is easy to use and comfortable, and the LED display is in the best place possible for comfort - it doesn't impede any movement and is easy to see. 


As it is autonymous, there is no need for external connections or sensors on the motorcycle. It can be worn over or under your motorcycle jacket and is so lightweight that it suits all riding styles. An Alpinestars Tech-Air App allows you to monitor the system's operational status via Bluetooth (BLE 5.0) connectivity. It shows battery status, provides a detailed map of your ride by MyRide, and is incredibly easy to use. The airbag itself also features an LED display on the front chest, indicating its operational status for additional convenience. It incorporates a haptic alert that vibrates to confirm the system is armed and alerts when the battery is low. The Alpinestars Tech-Air 3 System can be worn over and under any motorcycle jacket and can be worn with an Alpinestars-compatible jacket - just ensure the jacket has sufficient space to accommodate the inflation of the airbag system. The Tech-Air 3 uses an integrated, certified lithium-ion battery with a battery life of 40 hours (Tech-Air 5's battery life is 30 hours) and a recharge time of approximately 4 hours. The gas inflator that provides the inflation gas for the airbag's deployment is located in the inflator housing on the left side of the rider's lower back. (The Tech-Air 5 features two smaller gas inflators). The Tech-Air 3's ECU seal protection ensures all-weather performance and is certified to function between -20 ⁰C and +40⁰C. The gas inflator housing, electronic wiring, and airbag are easily removable. Select Alpinestars dealers and certified Tech-Air Service Centres can replace the gas inflator canisters. (of which J&S Accessories are!) The Tech-Air 3 also features a handy pocket - plus, the vest is washable! The Tech-Air 3 is also cheaper than its competitors!

The Tech-Air 3 modelled over jackets
The Tech-Air 3 modelled over jackets


Compared to the Alpinestars Tech-Air 5 airbag system, the Tech-Air 3 does not offer as much coverage because this does not have any arms - but this is also a road-specific item. The Tech-Air 5 can be used on track days and for racing, while the Tech-Air 3 cannot.


The Alpinestars Tech-Air 3 Airbag System is cheaper than its competitors, ultra-versatile, and easy to use. It offers excellent battery life, is designed to be comfortable and is even washable! It cannot be used on track days, but that was the point when it was designed - it is designed to make you safer on the roads, and that is precisely what it does - its price compared to the Tech-Air 5 reflects this—a fantastic buy. We are impressed!

Until next time, stay safe,


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